Take Control Of Your Product Design Process

Save months of work and destroy doubts about UX activities and product design processes. This meticulous collection of industry-level guides is made to boost your productivity and gain confidence by following proven and easy-to-follow steps to streamline your workflow without sacrificing precious time.

Standardized Structure

Clear explanations and step-by-step walkthroughs jam-packed with powerful and detailed examples.

No Note-taking

Everything is already super organized, summarized, and built to deliver quality in a matter of seconds.

Theorical & Practical

Quickly grasp the why behind your work and understand UX activities faster, getting straight to the point.

100% Result Focused

The era of struggling with what and how to approach your next project has definitely ended.

Bite-sized Learning

The human brain is not designed to stay focused for hours, so every page is made of easily manageable and concise blocks.

Unlimited Updates

Receive any future refinement and expansion by simply replacing the entire Notion manual.

Guides and Activities at a Glance, Just One Click Away

Centralizes UX knowledge

UX Chunks consolidates guides, definitions, rules, and procedures in one single place, keeping you organized using the most versatile note-taking tool embraced by millions of product teams worldwide.

Works with any design framework

Whether you work with the Double Diamond or follow the classic design thinking process, this manual seamlessly supports you in taking action, learning, and scaling.

Built For Problem-Solving At Speed

Each page is designed to help you swiftly tackle UX problems, emphasizing crucial insights and takeaways for efficient learning, enabling you to achieve your most ambitious goals faster.

Evergreen & Original Content

Every piece of content in UX Chunks considers historical and real-world examples, covering tangible and undeniable UX-related activities and concepts. While the world constantly evolves, these procedures are designed to stand the test of time.

Bring Order To Chaos

The Notion space is composed of three main modules, that enable you to follow and track the entire product design process by applying the UX Chunking framework. Build your work in lean and learnable chunks.
What’s UX Chunking?

Stop Spending Hours Extracting Notes from Videos

It's time to break free from the cycle of spending hours and money on expensive bootcamps or online courses that require you to watch time-consuming video content. With every course completion, you find yourself re-watching the entire content multiple times just to take a few notes.

UX Chunks distills real-world insights and practical to-dos from industry experts, tailored for busy individuals who value their time and need concise resources.

Cut The Social Media Noise

The sheer volume of information shared by social media can be a bit too much to handle sometimes, as you filter between good and bad content and end up with a mess of thousands of saved items. It's time to stop juggling between tons of posts, reels, and stories saved in your accounts.

Handy Audio Bites

Whether you are in a rush or need a quick review of a topic, concept, or explanation, each activity page includes short and convenient audio bites like this one.

Recommended By Hyper-productive Teams

That’s a cut-the-crap approach that product designers were constantly looking for. It’s like attending an online masterclass without having to watch videos and the fluff that comes with them. It's simply magical and straight to the point.


Marco Renna

UX/UI & Visual Designer

Assist Digital, Vodafone

So far, UX Chunks has been a helpful reference in writing designer playbooks. As you know, much of our work is repeatable and composable, so taking a solid foundation and iterating is really appreciated and efficient. Thanks for your hard work on all of this!


Rick James Chatas

Design Systems Lead

Medium (ex Airbnb, Apple)

The confidence and the guides that this manual is able to provide can’t be beaten. It's a must-have for product designers who want a clearer vision of the process they should implement into their workflows.


Alessandra Rossi

Post Production Coordinator

Amazon Studio

The effort made by these guys wrapping up every stage of product design in Notion is outstanding. I’m certain this manual will help both experienced and new designers who want to deliver excellent results in less time.


Roberto Bianchi

Senior Software Engineer

Spendesk (ex Klarna)

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Frequently asked questions

Is this the only standard way to approach any product design?

No, this manual doesn't claim to be the only framework, methodology, or approach to product design. It represents our team's personal approach to UX/UI design, which we have decided to share with the world. Each project you undertake will have its own unique perspective, depending on the problem context and the type of product you are building.

Will I become a professional designer just by having this manual?

No, having this manual and following the procedures and guides provided will help you address problems and follow a proven workflow. However, your application of these rules and action plans will depend on your personal problem-solving skills and your approach to product design work. We don't guarantee that simply downloading the UX Chunks Notion manual will make you a better designer; that is always up to you.

Does the manual teach how to use specific tools?

No. Even if we may mention or suggest our tool of choice (design or UX-related tools), this Notion manual is not strictly bound to any specific one; your tools, your choices.

What is Notion?

Notion is a note-taking software used by the world's most innovative product designers. With well over 30 million users today, Notion allows product teams to organize their work, share docs, create wikis, coordinate deadlines, objectives, and assignments for increased efficiency and productivity.
If you haven't tried Notion yet, it's definitely worth exploring, and it's free!
Create a free account with Notion

Does this work on the free version of Notion?

Yes, all you need is a free Notion account. Once you've made the purchase, you will receive a link to save the UX Chunks manual to your Notion workspace without any additional costs.

How do I use the Manual once I get it?

The manual is not meant to be read from cover to cover like a book. Instead, it is designed to be read contextually, focusing on specific stages or activities you want to explore in-depth. Each Notion page is locked to prevent accidental changes, making it easier to replace the manual with future updates. After duplicating the manual, there's a 2-min training video that covers its usage.

I'd like to promote this manual with my network. Do you have a referral program?

Sure! Hit us through our contact page and let us know how and with whom you plan to promote it.

Is there a refund policy?

As a digital product/e-publication, we do not offer full refunds. However, within the first ten (10) days of purchase, we may provide a partial refund of 20%. Please note that in this case, you will not receive any future updates.

Do you provide an education/student discount?

Yes, we offer a 25% discount for students on the full manual. Just shoot us an email at team@uxchunks.com before purchasing. Make sure you use your student email and attach a valid student ID/proof.

What's the difference between the Personal and Team license?

UX Chunks can be purchased under two license types: Personal and Team. The Personal license is for individual use only, and you are not allowed to share the Notion manual with others. The Team license allows the full manual to be shared with up to five (5) users. If you require a license for more than five users, please contact us. Regardless of the license, the content within the UX Chunks Notion manual cannot be sub-licensed, resold, or redistributed on its own.