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We are a small team of two, craving to build compelling experiences.

Ivano Aquilano
UX / Product Designer
Ivano is currently working in a startup, focusing on improving a search engine for eCommerce. He is the author of the UX Chunking methodology, which has gained recognition from professionals at esteemed companies such as IBM, McKinsey & Co, Microsoft, Walmart, Trainline, Bosch, Glovo, Dell, Santander, and many other great designers.
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Maria Marin
Product Designer & Webflow developer
Maria is dedicated to enhancing her workflow to create exceptional Webflow Templates and develop scalable components at Relume. Her work was featured at the Webflow Conf 2022, to introduce the Library feature, designed to empower and provide greater control to the Webflow community.
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Hello! 👋 We are Ivano and Maria, the digital product designers behind UX Chunks

We're not just pixel pushers—although we do enjoy creating captivating visuals and user interfaces. Our true passion lies in crafting meaningful experiences, achieving business goals, and striving for progress & authenticity. Fortunately, our journey has led us to do what we love most: focusing our efforts on creating a smoother path for designers worldwide and elevating the quality of their work through incremental improvements and bite-sized learning.

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We crossed paths in London back in 2016, and since then, our thirst for knowledge and curiosity about user experience has never waned. During our formative years immersed in the captivating and chaotic environment of this vibrant city, we accumulated vast experiences, faced numerous failures, and tackled design challenges that were worth solving. This mindset has stayed with us and continues to drive our passion for digital products every day.

However, we encountered several obstacles that hindered our UX/UI design workflow. We found ourselves grappling with a nightmare of questions, doubts, and procedural struggles that impeded our strategic thinking process and drained our creative energy. We knew we had to find a solid solution.

That's when we discovered Notion, the note-taking app that became a game-changer for us. We embarked on a mission to declutter our lives and centralize our UX work by collaborating and relying on a single source of truth. This tool helped us organize our thoughts, converge ideas, and make sense of our best practices, research findings, books, and overall knowledge in the realm of product design. Today, with UX Chunks, our goal is to push the boundaries of product design learning by presenting standardized yet adaptable procedures that cater to designers' contextual needs.

We're thrilled to have you join us on this journey, and we hope that UX Chunks will empower you to enhance your design skills and create remarkable digital experiences. Let's embark on this adventure and embrace challenges together.

Ivano Aquilano & Maria Marin

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